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Time to pop open a cool one and savour all the flavours as we explore new beers together.

Here's a few ideas for beers you might like to try with our thoughts on how they taste and what foods they'll compliment.

From Across The Pond

From Across The Pond

 Kronenbourg 1664 Premium French Lager - Originating in Strasbourg of Alsace, France this brewery has traditions dating back to, you guessed it 1664 when master brewer Geronimus Hatt created the brewery.  As a lager this beer is light in body and a pale straw colour with hints of floral hops and grassy notes that are present on the nose.  The first sip reveals a fresh, crisp clean lager with sweet malt and lemongrass flavours.

Try this fantastic recipe on a hot day with some cold 1664! Kansas City Style Pulled Pork Sandwiches



Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Premium French Wheat/White Lager - Originating in Strasbourg of Alsace, France this brewery has traditions dating back 1664 when master brewer Geronimus Hatt founded the brewery.  Kronenbourg Blanc is a new style from this traditional beer house and is a classic style of wheat beer as it is cloudy and produces a frothy and creamy head when poured. So please, be patient when pouring into your chilled glass.  Kronenbourg Blanc is delicious on the palate with sweet notes of citrus and pineapple fruits, malt and yeast. This beer is smooth and medium/full bodied on the palate.

Enjoy with spicy dishes such as this Chinese Five Spice Stir Fry with Shrimp



 Innis & Gunn Blonde - Lightly Oaked Blonde Ale – Crafted in Scotland

 A new label from what is now a classic and beloved brewery.  The Blonde is lightly aged in American oak barrels which gives it sumptuously rich notes of vanilla beans, roasted nuts, butter, caramel, sweet malt and dried apricots.  It is medium bodied and packed full of flavour. 

For something fun try pairing with dessert!  Here is a super simple bread pudding recipe for a lazy Sunday afternoon to indulge with your Innis & Gunn Blonde!!



Liefmans Fruitesse - Belgium Fruit Beer

This beer is rested for 18 months on fresh cherries and then carefully blended with the juices of cherries, bilberries, elderberries, strawberries and raspberries.  It is a dense, ripe raspberry colour  and will delight your palate with the flavours of sweet ripe berries that are combined perfectly with the beers delicate bubbles.This beer is definitely an indulgence with a clean crisp and refreshing finish that leaves a lingering sweetness for the berries in your mouth. Dark chocolate would be a wonderful pairing for this beer but you can also enjoy with this chicken and berry influenced summer salad!









Beers for Stampede

Beers for Stampede

Wild Rose Brewery Wraspberry Ale - Here is your stampede beer if there ever was one!  Wild Rose Brewery is a local brewhouse located in the Currie Barracks.  All beers are preservative and additive free.  Cases come with a freshness date stamped on the package.  The Wraspberry Ale uses fresh BC grown Raspberries!  This is the perfect stampede BBQ beer because of its light, crisp freshness and added dimension of fresh raspberries.  The beer comes in at 4.5% making it almost a light beer.  The Wraspberry Ale is a great food beer.  Added acidity from the fruit and the hint of raspberries gives a whole new world to food pairing.  Drink with bitter greens and vinaigrette, backyard bbq or just sip in the summer sun.

Unibroue – Blanche De Chambly – In true Belgian tradition this beer was named after the city in which it is brewed.  Blanche de Chambly is the first white beer brewed in North America.  This beer has some very nice aromas of coriander, citrus and fresh bread.  The bubbles are ever present and fine creating a lilting effervescence on the palate.  Flavours of orange peel, yeasty dough and spice mingle in the mouth.  This is a fantastic beer with mussels, fresh seafood, summer salads with vinaigrette or even fresh fruit and cheesecake!  Enjoy some of Canada’s rich history!

Other Imports

Other Imports

Fruli, Strawberry Beer, Belgium - A delicious white beer infused with strawberry juice. This beer pours out of the bottle a ripe strawberry colour and as soon as it begins to hit the glass the aromas of fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, sweet red candies and bright citrus notes fill the air. On the palate it is medium-bodied and delivers all the strawberry flavours it promised on the nose. The beer has a delightful tang to it on the finish which leaves hints of tangerine and lemon to refresh your palate from the sweet flavours of ripe strawberries. Serve it as an aperitif or paired with chocolate desserts, strawberry pies, crumbles or creamy cheeses baked with strawberry compote.

Coney Island, Albino Python, White Lager, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA With a fun label and tasty beer inside this is a great beer to try if you haven't had the chance already. It is a pale wheat beer that has been crafted with spices to give it a bit of an extra punch in the glass. On the nose you will discover refreshing aromas of cinnamon, orange peel, coriander, white pepper, ginger and lemon and in the glass all that the nose promised is delivered on the palate in a medium-bodied mouthfeel. There is a light hops taste on the finish that makes this beer a great one for enjoying on the patio on a summer day when a hint of coolness is just what the day has ordered. Try this beer with ginger flavoured dishes to really see the spices come alive. This beer has limited availability.


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