Membership has its advantages


A one dollar, one-time investment makes you an owner, and a member - and buys a lifetime of benefits.

One dollar can still go a long way at Calgary Co-op.

A co-operative is an organization that is owned by its members, for the good of its members. With a one-dollar investment you will own a share in Calgary Co-op. And, as a member, you can run for the board of directors, attend our Annual General Meeting, and cast a vote during yearly director elections.

As a Co-op member you will also receive an annual refund based on the amount of purchases you've made each year. This includes purchases at Co-op food centres; convenience stores; wine, spirits & beer locations; travel; home health care stores, and petroleum purchases at our gas bar.


Become a Member

Sign up for your membership at any Calgary Co-op food store customer service counter today.

Understanding your T4A

T4As were mailed in January 2014 to members who received a member refund and statement in February 2013.  If you did not receive a T4A, please email us or call (403-219-6025, option 2).

Calgary Co-op is required by the federal government to report all member refunds paid in excess of $100.00 and to withhold 15% of the amount earned over $100.00 and remit it to the government. The T4A reflects the member refund made to you in the previous year. Member Refunds are not necessarily taxable. Member Refunds earned on consumer goods (i.e. groceries, household items, gasoline for private car use) are not subject to tax. You are entitled to claim the tax withheld as outlined on your T4A as a credit when you file your personal income tax (write on the face of your T4A "Consumer Goods Only"). Instructions for including this on your personal income tax form are provided on the back of your T4A under Recipient. (Patronage returns are normally only taxable for business persons, farmers, contractors, etc.  


2014 Annual Member Refund

The 2014 Annual Member Refund will be sent to members in mid-February. This year's refund will also contain the voting ballot for the 2015 Director Election. For more information on the Director Election, please click here.

Update Your Membership Information

To update your Calgary Co-op membership information online please click here, and complete the form.





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