Personalized Private Wine Locker Program

Private Locker Program

Unlock a New Surprise Monthly

Does it seem like you always have the same trusted wines in your glass? Is it time to switch things up?
Our Private Locker Program is the perfect way to explore the world of wine with the safety net of our Sommelier Concierge Service. Our certified Sommeliers will lead you on a totally custom and personalized wine adventure!
On the first Friday of each month you will find your private locker filled with wines hand-selected just for you. We source out wines from all over the world to use exclusively in this program, in every style and only from quality producers. If you are looking for a fully engaged and interactive wine experience – this is the program for you.

Benefits of Personalized Private Wine Locker Program

Personalized, Tailored

  • Personalized keyed wine locker with name plate.
  • Tailored wine profile designed with your in-house sommelier.
  • Exclusive personalized wine selections placed in your locker each month according to your level of ownership.

Exclusive, Private

  • Occasional wine selections that are exclusive to participants and not available for purchase off the shelf.
  • Complimentary sommelier-facilitated wine tastings for participants each year.
  • Advance notice of Co-op Wine Spirits Beer events and dinners.

Sommelier Concierge

Sommelier concierge service for assistance in planning menus, tastings and personal events.

Private Locker Program

Private Events

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Private Events

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