The Co-op Difference

Not only do our certified sommeliers have an impressive knowledge base when it comes to our products, they also have great people skills! Our private tastings are just as much fun as they are educational.

Make your Meeting Memorable

All About Our Private Tastings

Each event is personally designed for you by our sommeliers, whether you’re a group of friends looking to discover wine from a far-flung corner of the world or a formal business meeting where impressing clientele and co-workers is key. Our tasting rooms comfortably fit 34 guests, and our sessions are quite affordable.

A private wine tasting for a minimum of 12 guests with 6 wine styles and light snacks starts at $45/person. We also offer beer and spirits tastings. Our sommeliers act more as educators than bartenders, providing an immersive, useful learning experience.

All events can have customized themes, and catering can be arranged through us. We have a selection of awesome caterers we work with and can arrange anything from simple to elegant. Have questions? Look below or give us a call. We can’t wait to work with you!

Private Tasting FAQs

Where are these events hosted?

Our awesome Beddington, Oakridge, Crowfoot, Midtown and Shawnessy locations.

How big can my group be?

34-40 guests for a seated event, 60 guests for a stand-up event, and at least 12 guests in general. We can be flexible on the 12-guest minimum but in the interest of effective service and the fire code, we can’t budge on the maximums.

How much will it cost?

Each event is individually planned, so please contact us directly so we can get a sense of what you want and what it’ll cost. For reference’s sake, $45/person gets you 6 wine styles and light snacks for 12 guests.

Do you provide internet?

Yes, we offer internet ports for you to turn our tasting rooms into professional meeting facilities. Just please don’t mix alcohol with work emails.

Can I host a party with this event?

Sure, but keep in mind these events are education-first professional learning experiences. Events are held within store hours and we are bound by both ALGC regulations and normal in-house business policies.

Can I bring my own decorations?

You sure can! Ask us first about anything incendiary, though. We don’t want to burn the store down!

Can I bring my own food or alcohol?

Unfortunately, no. We’re sure you have great taste and we’d love to try your cooking, but these policies are the ALGC’s doing, not ours. We can manage catering for you, though.