Blender Cocktails

July 23, 2018

There’s no doubt about it – it’s hot! Typical piña coladas and shaken margaritas are always a great way to quench that summer thirst, but if you’re looking for something other than a typical sugary boozy hit, there are many more ways to jazz up your cocktail and beat the heat. Try pulling out the blender to make these summer coolers.

tamarind pineapple margaritaTry Tamarind-Pineapple Margaritas
Tamarind is a richly flavourful tropical fruit that’s often used in cooking and it’s a unique flavour when crafted into syrup and added to a slushy blender drink. With the addition of pineapple these blender cocktails meld both the new and the familiar. Just blend your favourite tequila (2 ounces) with one cup of ice, tamarind nectar (1.5 ounces), pineapple juice 1.5 ounces, and a splash of lemon or lime. Put whatever you’d like on the rim to garnish it and drink up! This makes a beautiful, sunset-hued drink.

raspberry collinsRelax with a Raspberry Collins Cocktail

Since we’re on the fruity side of things, the delicious Raspberry Collins deserves a shout out. Even if you aren’t really into gin, this drink has the right amount of other flavours to make it tasty—and maybe a new favourite. 

A great choice for this drink is Beefeater’s gin. It boasts a whopping nine botanicals, including cinnamon, fresh orange peel, chamomile, and elderberries. Add the gin (2 ounces) to syrup (0.25 ounces), 2 or 3 fresh raspberries, a hint of lemon, and club soda (1 ounce). Blend it up and garnish it with something fruity or citrusy on the rim. 

mojitoDo-It-Yourself Blender Mojito
There is, of course, no need to stick to an exact recipe when making a drink. Winging it every once in a while can be fun and you may even create your own designer drink. 

Mojitos are a crowd pleaser just as they are, but being able to customize them with a DIY mojito is great. 

Use either Simple Syrup (2 tablespoons) or superfine sugar (4 teaspoons). Next, pick between traditional mojito mint leaves (about 10) or basil leaves (about 7). Fill your glass with ice and then add about 1-2 ounces of your rum of choice. Some mojito recipes call for coconut rum, which can be a nice change of pace. 

After blending everything together, squeeze in some lime, add half a cup of club soda, and you’re done! To spruce this up even more, perhaps try a lemon-lime flavored soda instead of traditional club soda, or even something like a grapefruit or blood orange Pellegrino.  

carrot cocktailCraft a Blended Carrot-Tequila Cocktail
Now that you have a few fruity drinks to try, you can also throw in a vegetable twist. This carrot-tequila cocktail may sound healthy, but it’s also super tasty and can wow your guests. 

Add rosemary sprigs (2), jalapeno chili pepper slices (2), carrot juice (2 ounces), tequila (2 ounces), lime juice (1.5 tablespoons) to your blender. Blend all of the ingredients with ice —except the ginger beer (or you can shake it like a typical margarita), and then add about 2.5 ounces of ginger beer with some more crushed ice – that’s it! Of course, you can switch up the recipe if you don’t like it spicy. Either leave the chili peppers out or choose a more mild spice. 

If carrots aren’t your thing but booze and vegetables are, you can also make your own version of a celery cocktail too. 

blue lemonadeBlend up Boozy Blue Lemonade
Just because lemonade is a very common drink for children doesn’t mean you can’t make it into a delicious grown-up cocktail. This version evokes the shores of the lake or the ocean, thanks to its blue  hue.  

Grab a 12 ounce glass and fill it about three quarters of the way with ice. Add four ounces of the vibrantly coloured UV Blue Raspberry Vodka and four ounces of the lemonade of your choice. The best part about this cocktail is those of you who are watching your carbs can use a lemonade that’s lower in sugar. Blend everything together and garnish with some slices of lemon. 

chocolate martiniEye-opener sips! Coffee and Chocolate Martini
For those of you who are adventurous and want to combine a few of the best things in life (coffee, chocolate, and liquor), a chocolate-y coffee martini might be worth a try. 

You can either blend this drink up or serve it layered. First layer into your glass some Irish Cream liqueur like Bailey’s (1.5 ounces), chocolate liqueur (1 ounce), and one and a half ounces of vodka (try Titos, Smirnoff or even Iceberg vodka). Layering is an art, and it helps if you pour the liquid over the back of a spoon, so if you don’t get it to look pretty, just head for the blender.

Pour cold drip-brewed coffee (2 ounces) on top of the mix, and then put a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top. 

Now that you have some great ideas for delicious drinks that taste great and can help beat the summer heat, let’s get mixing!



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