Blindman Brewing

July 15, 2019

It’s not unusual for home brewing to become a gateway into owning and operating a brewery. Many of today’s craft brewery owners started out making suds in their garages or basements. What is unusual, is nailing home brewing right from the get-go.

”Way back,my friends and I would have these international beer parties where everyone would bring a different kind of beer from different countries, and it got me on the train to trying different things,” remembers Hans Doef of Blindman Brewing. “I started home brewing on my own so I could try even more new things and when I made my first beer, it was really, really good. It kind of just blew my mind, so I got excited about trying it again.”

long shadows ipaDoef’s had a great chance to experiment and share new tastes on a grand scale thanks to his role as co-owner of Blindman Brewery, which started up in October 2015 in Lacombe, Alberta.

Blindman Brewing is named for the Blindman River in south central Alberta, a tributary of the Red Deer River. Blindman Brewing makes several beers including the Blindman River Session Ale, Longshadows IPA, Triphammer Robust Porter, and a Lemons + Limes Sour, and each of those are available at Calgary Co-op Wine Spirits Beer locations. 

Doef says that since their beer has become available at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, more new customers are getting a chance to try their products, without needing to take a road trip to their tasting room in Lacombe.

“It's awesome to be at Co-op in Calgary. It’s so much easier to help get customers familiar with our beer. It's been great and Co-op has been very supportive, so that's been very helpful.”  

Find Blindman Brewing products at your neighbourhood Co-op Wine Spirits Beer stores.

Tasting Notes: 

Blindman River Session Ale
A medium-dry finishing, late hopped season ale with notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

Longshadows India Pale Ale
Dry, resinous west coast American ale with hoppy notes of citrus, spice and funk.

Triphammer Robust Porter
A medium bodied porter with dark fruit and chocolate notes, followed by a smoky finish.

Lemons + Limes Kettle Sour
A sour beer akin to a dry lemonade. Tart, but not puckering.






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