Game Day Beers

November 20, 2018

It’s cup season and what goes better with football, than beer? If you’re gathering friends for the game, why not take advantage of the power of the crowd and have your guests each bring a new seasonal beer to the party? You’ll get to taste some limited time offerings, and toast the victor with beers that are perfectly suited to winter weather.

Use our list below of picks for this season and have guests choose which one they’ll bring, or assign them a selection; they’re all available at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, so they’re easy to find. We’ve chosen a mix of local and international offerings so you can toast Canada’s football final with local brews and enjoy some of the world’s finest seasonal beers too.

whistler chestnutChoose Seasonal Sips For Your Party

Whistler Brewing Co. Chestnut Ale
This Chestnut Ale is perfect for fall and winter. Made with roasted chestnuts that add a unique and bold nutty character with light hops, you can expect a clean but crisp finish. Naturally it’s a perfect winter beer, from the winter capital of Canada, Whistler, BC. 


Deschutes Jubelale
If the cold weather and icy conditions have you dreaming of warmth, choose this beer with hints of cocoa, dried fruits, and toffee, plus warming spices. This complex winter ale’s deep garnet colour makes it a standout in the glass too, and it’ll be a vibrant addition to your holiday celebrations as well. 

mocha porterGranville Island Mocha Porter 
Wrapping your hands around a glass of this coffee porter is like cupping a mug of coffee. Made with artisanal BC coffee from JJ Bean in Vancouver, plus real dark cocoa, this rich mocha porter is perfect for sweater weather and brings a taste of B.C. to the festivities.

anchor 2019Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale 2018 
This popular annual ale is everything you want for Christmas, but it makes a great sip on game day too. Anchor Steam’s Christmas Ale is now in its 44th year and the tradition continues; Anchor creates a new, secret recipe with a unique hand drawn label for the Christmas Ale, which is sold only from early November to mid-January. 

This highly anticipated seasonal delight is complex and full of flavour, and loaded up with hints of toasty cocoa, and vibrant pine. 

cherry porter2

Wild Rose Cherry Porter
Brewed right here in Calgary at their Currie Barracks location, this American-style porter  from Wild Rose is made with plump B.C. cherries, creating a lush and creamy brew with a fruity aroma. Think Black Forest cake with its cherry-chocolate-vanilla notes and a kiss of smoke.  

caravel winter2Caravel Winter Aurora Spiced Ale

A strong and spicy brew, the Winter Aurora is meant to evoke the multi-sensory experience of the Northern Lights; so expect a complex beer with “glittering notes of orange peel, coriander, clove, and cardamom dancing from the nose to the tongue”. 

blue monkBrewsters Blue Monk Barley Wine
Blue Monk Barley Wine is an English style strong ale. Expect a surprisingly intense and fruity taste with notes of fresh baked bread and toffee in this seasonal offering from an historic Alberta brewery.

ribstone winter2

Ribstone Creek Old Man Winter Porter 
We couldn’t resist another porter from this offbeat brewery near Wainwright, Alberta. The Old Man Winter Porter brings chocolate and roast coffee notes, balanced by a delightfully light caramel sweetness. With a fruity aroma, this well-bodied brew is the perfect companion for football on a cold winter evening.

Plan For The Holidays… 
Finally, as we’re looking ahead to the busy Christmas entertaining season, we’ve got some ideas. 

The Craft Beer Advent Calendar is the ultimate gift for the beer lover. It features 24 different bottles with a festive advent calendar theme so you can open up a new taste each day in December. You might want to give it as an early holiday gift… or get one for yourself so you too can have a door to open up along with the kids. Each of the beers inside is a secret and they’re from all over the world, so what you end up with be a fun surprise.

alpine adventure packIf you’re going to be having guests drop over for a drink or holiday happy hour, keep a variety pack or two on hand. There’s plenty of choices at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer right now, and having one or two on ice lets you offer guests a variety of beers.  

Our top pick right now is the Parallel 49/Central City Collaboration Alpine Adventure Pack. Inside are 12 beers from each brewery – including a number of creative new beers brewed just for the pack, as well as some old favourites. Featuring both bottles and cans, this 24-pack is sure to please the most discerning craft beer lover. 



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