March 26, 2019

gewurztraminerFor some toddlers, learning how to say ‘butterfly’, or ‘banana’ might be a feat. But Dave Carson taught his three-year-old son some decidedly more complex words.

“I taught him how to say Gewürztraminer—which a lot of adults can't even pronounce—and Chardonnay, and then to recognize what each word looks like,” laughs Carson, “I remember having a bunch of friends over one time and I said, ‘Brandon, can you go get a bottle of wine in the fridge for dad?’ And he goes, ‘sure, no problem, dad’. So, he goes over to the fridge, and he opens up the door and he looks over his shoulder and says, ‘dad,do you want the Gewürztraminer or the Chardonnay?’ My friends couldn’t believe it.”

While the language lesson might be surprising, it’s really not once you understand who Carson is. As Senior Winemaker for Jackson-Triggs winery, wine’s not just in his family, it’s in his blood.

“I started in the very early days of the industry. I started working in vineyards and in my teen years I was, I guess you could say, I was ‘adopted’ in a sense by the Schmidt family, who were one of the founding families for a lot of the vineyards in the Okanagan. I got a chance to work closely with them.” 

Jackson-Triggs was established in 1993 by founders Allan Jackson and Don Triggs. The British Columbia-based winery is surrounded in almost every direction by lakes, mountains, and desert.

black label reserveThe winery produces numerous vintages, but the Black Label Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Jackson-Triggs Black Label Reserve Chardonnay, Black Label Reserve Shiraz, Black Label Reserve Sauvignon Blancand Reserve Mèthod Classique Sparkling are available at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer stores.

“We really try to make wines you can enjoy. We try to understand our consumer and create the wines for them. Everybody has a different palette. Everybody likes different things. So we adapt our wines as we see consumers change.” 

Carson says today, Jackson-Triggs is focused on wines that are enjoyable, fruit forward, and easy to drink. 

“We like making wines that are served at parties, brought to dinners. But we're trying to elevate that experience. Because the best thing about being in the wine business is sharing these experiences with friends, family, community,” explains Carson, adding, “It's fantastic to win awards, but the amount of years I've been in it, it's more exciting to be able to pass on some of that knowledge now to people that are keen to learn.” 

Carson shares that he’s an advocate for drinking great wines all the time, rather than saving bottles only for special occasions.

“Wine is meant to be appreciated, so if you see a bottle that catches your interest, try it.”

Carson says he still wakes up each day, looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“I personally think that the industry is a great place. I think Jackson-Triggs is a pioneer brand. I'm just humbled and proud to be part of the industry. Working for so long with Jackson-Triggs I think I drew the long straw.”

Find Jackson-Triggs wines at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer.



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