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January 29, 2019

The TV is tuned, the snacks are set out and those Superbowl commercials are just about to hit their stride. The only thing missing is some cold brews. If you’re going to be having guests drop over for a drink or gametime happy hour, out top party planning tip is to keep a variety or mixer pack or two on hand. There’s plenty of choices at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer right now, and having one or two on ice lets you offer guests a variety of beers. 

Or, chose from our own, handpicked starting lineup of local dynamos who know it isn’t the hours you put in, but what you put in the hours… or in the fridge! 

dandy lagerOpening Kickoff: Dandy Premium Lager 
We didn’t choose this beer in a coin toss! Get the party started with this easy drinking lager from Calgary’s Dandy Brewing Company. 

Dandy Lager is an import-style premium lager brewed with toasted rice and local Alberta malt. Expect a subtle citrus aroma, with a crisp and fresh taste; perfect to get things off to a fun start. This beer is no 4th down gamble!


banded peak plainsbreakerFirst Quarter: Banded Peak Plainsbreaker Hopped Wheat Ale
As the intensity builds, switch your sip to another great local player: Banded Peak’s Plainsbreaker. An aromatic approach to a pale ale, it’s bursting with huge tropical flavour and aroma—it’s gooooood! Well balanced, interesting and very approachable, this beer is a metaphor for the game, no?

88 HologramHalftime Show: Eighty Eight Brewing’s Hologram White Ale
They don’t go quite as far back as 1988, but Maroon 5 as the 2019 halftime show will take you back to the era of flannel, iPods and the Atkins diet. 

Celebrate nostalgia by toasting the performance (hopefully with zero Adam Levine wardrobe malfunctions!) with beer that’s meant to hearken back to simpler times.  

Eighty Eight Brewing’s Hologram White Ale is a multidimensional dry-hopped Belgian White with citrus flavours coming at you from every angle. You’ll find the lemon-orange hop aromas and real tangerine peel taste goes nicely with Maroon 5’s California roots, and the smooth and bubbly mouth feel is exactly right for the band’s brand of bubbly west coast pop. Not to mention the name; Hologram, could just line up with the on-stage light show.

freeholdSecond Half: Freehold Brewing Big Chutes Lager
As the game wanes, we know the coaches will be pulling out all the stops— and all the best sports cliches. Keep the drive alive by uncapping some Freehold Brewing Big Chutes Lager. Featuring sun-ripened barley and hops this beer has a distinctive aroma and a crisp, grainy finish.

Traditional hops give Big Chutes an earthy flavour, but they’re blended with new world hops, known for their sharp pine and citrus notes. The result is a juicy aroma without any perceived bitterness—unlike the finish to the game, in which one team is bound to be pouty.

common crownLocker Room Wrap: Common Crown Blonde Ale 
This is the perfect beer to put a cap on the night with, since one of the two sporting teams will be crowned the victor! 

Common Crown is a local brewery whose name is meant to invoke the hats or ‘common crowns’ we all wear. For you and I that might be party host extraordinaire. For one of the two quarterbacks and their teammates, not only will they be the big winner, they’ll end up with some Superbowl bling to boot; in this case a ring, not a regally jewelled tiara.

Plus, Common Crown’s Blonde Ale is a perfect homage to a player like Packers Linebacker Clay Matthews (nudge, wink). This light bodied beer with the golden colour of the Matthews’ long flowing locks is a light sipper made with Alberta barley that finishes with notes of citrus. 

Getting ready for your perfect Superbowl party is only half the battle; you’ve got to execute! Head to Co-op Wine Spirits Beer to keep the fridge stocked, don’t forget to keep the pantry full too, and remember to give your event 110%!

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