Railyard Brewing

March 5, 2019

Vats+and+Sign+Railyard+Brewery+AIt’s kind of hard to imagine today, with a computer in every pocket, but back when Canada was still a baby, the railroad was Canada’s lifeline.

The first railway in Alberta was the Canadian Pacific Railway, built from 1882-1883 and it sliced the province across the mid-section, running through Medicine Hat, Calgary and Banff. At that time, the railroad was how everything from building supplies to food got here, and it still plays a central role today.

“That's how everyone came out west; they came using the railway. Without the railyards that have grown the cities and the communities across Canada and Alberta, a lot of these communities wouldn't be where they are today,” says Brandon Fortes Co-Founder of Railyard Brewing.

Railyard Brewing wanted to salute that formidable engine of Canada’s past and present, so Fortes says when they opened their brewery about one year ago, the name felt fitting.

RAILYARD IPA2Railyard makes several different brews, and you can find their Railyard IPA at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer.

The IPA is a classic west coast style with unmistakeable grapefruit and orange zest, balanced with a caramel malt backbone.

“Our beers are all designed to be very well balanced and be approachable for the customer,” offers Fortes, “It's not an extreme bitter IPA, it's not crazy malt stilled, for example, although there is a lot of malt in there. But what I hope everyone comes away with is when they have it, they not only say, ‘yeah, that was great’, but ‘I want another just to keep that going’.”

Fortes started brewing beer in his garage after looking for a hobby that would keep him entertained after his day-to-day work as an engineer. 

“I like to say with my engineering mind I'm not really artistic in the traditional sense; don't ask me to write anything, don't ask me to draw a picture. But when I found beer, that was where I really got to have a creative outlet, it was part science, part art, and that's kind of one of our tie-ins to the Railyard brand.”

Railyard’s cans are bold and distinctive, and definitely lend a certain artsy-ness to the brand. They definitely stand out on the shelf at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, a fact Fortes is proud of.

“Working with Co-op has been incredible. It’s helped us so much, and it's afforded us the ability to have a wider distribution from the get-go and support our brand awareness in the community,” enthuses Fortes. 

Find Railyard Brewing’s beer at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer.



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