Ready-to-drink Cocktails

August 13, 2018

We all know how refreshing a cold cocktail can be on a hot summer’s day. Whether it’s the sweet taste, or the nostalgia tied to sipping a cold cola, root beer or orange sods, fizzy drinks are what summer’s all about.

Turns out that nostalgia might be more popular than we first thought. Ready to drink cocktails are growing in popularity this summer.

There is a wide variety to choose from for every taste – from sweet bubblies, to creamy traditional and the more no frills favourites. So put these delicious ready to drink cocktails on your summer must-try list. 

Eau Claire GT3Eau Claire Craft Gin and Tonic 
Eau Claire Gin and Tonic is for the discerning drinker. Canada’s Gin Distillery of the Year in 2018, Eau Claire (located in Turner Valley, Alberta) produces this craft cocktail and serves it ready to drink in a can. It’s crafted with their own Parlour Gin, a botanical gin with special herbal flavour notes. The distillery even uses their own house-made tonic water for the mix. They use only natural ingredients and everything is mixed right here in Alberta. The final product is crisp and indulgent. 

Fallen Timber Meadjitojpg3Fallen Timber Honey Buck and Meadjito
Another locally produced and mixed option comes from the Fallen Timber mead distillery. Each year they produce a mead—a fermented honey liquor—from their own honey, with flavours changing ever so slightly depending on the season. They then mix the mead with ginger lemonade to create the Honey Buck—an unfiltered hard soda with fresh, bright flavours. 

A more unique alternative is the Meadjito. It’s a twist on a mojito with mead substituting for the more traditional Cuban rum. The flavour is citrusy, sweet and minty.  

Palm Bay Mimosas2Palm Bay Mimosas
Looking for a sweeter and more fragrant cocktail? Then go for Palm Bay Mimosas. They use sparkling wine with a twist. Palm Bay’s Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa has a zesty grapefruit taste with a sweet and tangy finish. An alternative is a more tropical Orange Mango, with a fresh citrus flavour. 

Crazy Uncle Hard Sodas2Crazy Uncle Hard Sodas
If you love the throwback taste of traditional root beer or cream soda, then Crazy Uncle has the perfect ready to drink cocktailfor you. 

The root beer is rich and smooth, but not too sweet. On the other hand, the cream soda has a long finish and uses real vanilla bean with tasty caramelized cane sugar.

Crazy Uncle also makes Hard Coffee Fizz. This pick-me-up is made with 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, is naturally caffeinated and gently carbonated for a perky drink option. All Crazy Uncle hard sodas use only natural flavours and ingredients.

Russian Standard Moscow MuleRussian Standard Moscow Mule 
The Moscow Mule is a global favourite. Russian Standard makes it pre-mixed in a can that actually gives is that traditional copper mug feel. The flavours are on point – ginger ale, lime and high-end vodka. This cocktail is simple, straight-forward and fresh. Pour it over ice into a copper cup if you’ve got one to take it to next-level authenticity.

Social Lite Vodka SodasSocial Lite Vodka Sodas 
Low calorie, unsweetened, made with natural flavours, Social Lite Vodka Sodas are light-drinking, refreshing and easy on the waistline. With fresh seasonal flavours like Grapefruit Pomelo (think zesty, tangy and bright), Lemon Cucumber Mint (made with real lemon juice) and Pineapple Mango you’ll think you’re spending the day at the beach in a tropical paradise.

Sid Mandarin Ruby Vodka RefresherSid Mandarin Ruby Vodka Refresher 
Handcrafted vodka with a unique grapefruit, mandarin and cane sugar flavour, Sid makes a fresh ready to drink cocktail that is medium sweet and easy to drink. Enjoy the Hard Ruby Mandarin on a hot day or after some yard work; it’s refreshing, natural, and light. 

Tail Spin Gin Smash Icy LimeTail Spin Gin Smash Icy Lime 
Citrus lovers, rejoice! Perfect for hot days, Tail Spin Gin Smash Icy Lime is deliciously simple.

The aromatic gin stands out as the main ingredient in this sophisticated ready to drink cocktail.The rest of the flavours come together through the refreshing lime and light carbonation. Tail Spin Gin is cool, tangy and quaffable. 

Snapple Hard Peach Iced teaSnapple Hard Peach Iced tea 
Plenty of people don’t know Snapple makes ready to drink cocktails. Yes, your favourite iced tea flavours from childhood team up with a sophisticated adult punch and a hard twist! In this case, their smooth peach iced tea is spiked with vodka for a perfect cooling drink on a hot summer night.

Find these unique and tasty hard craft ready to drink cocktails at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer.



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