Village Square Winter Variety Pack

December 4, 2018

Sometimes there's too much choice. If you're popping into Co-op Wine Spirits Beer on your way home, maybe it happens that you want to try something new, but you don't have time to research your picks. Fortunately a variety pack is a smart choice; you get a solid mix of tried and true beer, plus some new flavours to sample. That's the case with Calgary's own Village Brewery winter variety pack.

village square winterOld Favourites & New Sips
The Village Square Winter Variety Pack features three bottles each of Village Blonde, Blacksmith, Neighbour and the new seasonal, Troubador.

While Blonde and Blacksmith are familiar faves, drinkers might need to get to know Neighbour and Troubador. 

Neighbour is what's called a Canadian Pale Ale with hints of orange and lemon. This golden brew has a biscuity note and moderate bitterness.  

Troubador marks the return of a previous brew.

"Troubador is a seasonal mild brown ale; it's perfect for winter," says Eric Daponte, Marketing and Taproom Co-ordinator at Village Brewery. "We had it about 4 or 5 years ago and it's making a bit of a comeback. It's malty, and a perfect cold weather style of beer. It's great with roast beef." 

This Village Brewery variety pack isn't just a tasty treat, it's also a chance to support local and do good.

Local Artwork on Local Beer
The design of the case was commissioned from local artist Curtis Van Charles, who's pumped that his art is being enjoyed by beer drinkers. 

"The artwork on the packaging isn't hidden in a private collection or gallery, it's out there in the public for everyone to see," enthuses Van Charles. "When a case is sold it's making a difference too. Together the Village team and I came up with a design that celebrates our Canadian landscape and wildlife in a joyful way with hopes of inspiring people to care for their natural surroundings."

Part Proceeds to Tree Era 
Some proceeds from the sale of the Winter Square variety packs go to Tree Era, an organization which helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change by community-funding the planting of trees.

"That charitable aspect is part of the Village way," explains Daponte. "Social enterprise in any business is just the way things are going. You don't just want to sell a quality product, you also want to do good at the same time. We're always thinking about who we can help out with the Village brand."

The Village Square Winter Variety 12 packs are available only while supplies last; likely until about March or April. But fear not; a new seasonal 12 pack will emerge this spring, just like the groundhogs.



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