Vin Bin Program

March 26, 2018

Do you find wine enjoyable, but intimidating? With wine regions spanning the globe, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there. To put it into perspective, there’s over two hundred designated Vinicultural Areas in the United States, France has over three hundred and here in Canada there’s more than fifteen wine regions located in four provinces. How’s a consumer and casual wine drinker supposed to keep up? 

What if you had a tour guide? A designated driver of the world’s wine regions who could help you navigate the sometimes complex and unfamiliar territory. There is such a tour guide in Calgary; it’s called Vin Bin, and it’s a special service available only at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer. 

awesome vinbinWhat is Vin Bin?
Vin Bin is a program unique to Co-op that works with you to select specific wines that are perfect for you each month. You choose the nearest store location, and a locked cabinet is set aside for you inside the store. (Vin Bin is available at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer locations in Beddington, Mount Pleasant, Crowfoot, Midtown, Oakridge and Shawnessy.) 

You’ll meet with Co-op’s wine experts—trained sommeliers who will quiz you about your tastes, preferences and interests with respect to wine. Once they get an idea of your wine personality, they hand-pick a selection of wines just for you.

The program is great because it no longer means you have to wander around the store, guessing what you might enjoy, nor do you need to take recommendations from the cashier at your corner liquor store. Thanks to the specialized knowledge and training of Co-op’s sommeliers, you’re already on track to experiment with wines you’re likely to fall in love with.

So Much More Than “Wine of the Month” Clubs
Vin Bin is also much more valuable than joining one of those “wine of the month” clubs because many of them simply offer mass shipments of wine chosen at random and in bulk; it’s not arriving at your door because it’s perfect for you. 

With Vin Bin, you get ongoing personal attention, and wines designed to wow you.

How Does Vin Bin Work?
You’ll set a budget for each month using a pre-authorized credit card (with a minimum investment of $150/month) and then on your designated day each month you’ll arrive to unlock your cabinet and find an array of wines inside. Each selection is carefully tailored to your tastes, regional preferences and budget. Then you just pick them up and go; it’s like unwrapping a custom tailored gift every single month!

Whether you want to try new wine regions, different grape varieties, or whether you just want to get away from drinking the same handful of bottles, the Co-op Wine Spirits Beer Vin Bin program takes the guesswork and the mystery out of wine.  

mike sommelierYour Personal Wine Concierge
Another feature of Vin Bin membership is that you can tailor it to expand your tastes to other things too. If there’s a liqueur you want to try, it’ll be added to your cabinet, and spirits can be added to your monthly selection too. Co-op’s sommeliers can also pick out special bottles for celebrations or create custom gift baskets. 

Co-op’s wine experts can also assist you with planning wines for a dinner party or special occasion. Just call or e-mail your menu or recipe ideas to your personal sommelier and they’ll have the perfect pairing ready and waiting in your cabinet.

Plus, as your knowledge and love of wine grows and you decide to travel to a wine region anywhere in the world, your personal sommelier can help arrange an insider look at wineries wherever you’re heading. 

Learn More About Wine with Vin Bin
If you’d like to learn more about wine, membership in Vin Bin can help. Vin Bin members get invited to classes and special tastings, so you can try new wines for yourself.

Co-op Wine Spirits Beer’s personal Vin Bin program is like having a personal shopper for your wine, and with a culture that prides friendly, helpful service above wine snobbery, you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions.

For more info on the program visit your nearest Co-op Wine Spirits Beer location that participates in Vin Bin: Beddington, Mount Pleasant, Crowfoot, Midtown, Oakridge and Shawnessy.



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