Vintage Wine Program

February 25, 2019

Have you ever hidden something away, saving it for just the right moment? Whether it’s a birthday present purchased in anticipation of a milestone age, or a letter you want to read again on an anniversary, we’ve all tucked away a special item.

Co-op Wine Spirits Beer isn’t tucking away jewelry or cards, instead we’ve been stockpiling wine until it’s just perfect for release.

red wine“It’s a pretty unique offering. The Vintage Wine Program is where we hold onto wines that we think are great wines; they have to be at least 10 years of age or older,” explains Mike Roberts, Sommelier Manager, Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, “We have wine that goes back to the late 1990’s, even a Rioja that goes back to 1964.”

The wine is carefully stored and monitored until it’s deemed ready to make its debut exclusively for Co-op Wine Spirits Beer customers. The offerings vary; there’s different grape styles, different producers and different price points. Wines are chosen based on a number of factors including taste, the anticipated aging ability, and value. 

“We’re not trying to put wines on the shelf that are, like $500 or something,” laughs Roberts, “That doesn’t work for people. We look for good value wines that people are going to enjoy.” 

At Co-op Wine Spirits Beer’s Tasting Centres, you’ll find the current offerings from the Vintage Wine Program in a small marked area inside the store. You won’t find pallets of wine, just small amounts that might be limited to 15 or 30 cases, but often, as few as 5 cases might be set aside to age.

Among them is Goedhart Syrah, Washington 2008. Exclusive to Co-op Wine Spirits Beer there are just 12 cases in total available. This inky-coloured red has notes of blackberry and cherry with a lovely long finish. Roberts calls it, “an amazing, full-bodied wine”. With a regular price of $44.99, wine lovers will want to snap up some bottles while the feature price is at $32.99. 

Co-op Wine Spirits Beer’s Vintage Wine Program is Quite Unique

wine selection“Restaurants and hotels don’t even do this any more. Most wine shops don’t do it, it’s kind of rare,” explains Roberts, “But we want to do this for our customers so people can experience how well wine ages. It’s a great way to make an impression; if you’re buying a gift for a wine lover, or your boss, they get to open it and have this amazing experience—without all the patience!”

Roberts says he’s confident the wines available in the Vintage Wine Program are not available anywhere else.

“Often we’re getting exclusive wines that are unique to Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, and that’s the kind of thing we love offering to our customers.” 

Peruse the Vintage Wine offerings at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer’s Tasting Centres and flagship stores.  



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