Andrew Paulsen  - Sommelier at Oakridge Co-op Wine, Spirits and Beer


How I ended up in the best job in the worldAndrew Paulsen

Born and raised in Australia, I experienced some of the best Shiraz/Syrah in the world, developing keen interest in wine. When I finished college in Sydney, I visited Canada and was led astray by a wonderful Canadian woman and stayed for good. As my career in food and beverages flourished, I decided to explore my passion for wine and earned my sommelier certification. Today, I am an instructor for the Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and I am working on becoming a certified beer Cicerone (essentially a sommelier for beer).

My favourite thing about being a sommelier

Everything! I really, really enjoy what I do. I love everything about wine and beer—the history, the science, the craftsmanship, the way they can enhance a meal—and I get to help others explore this world. We are all naturally curious about wine and beer, but with tens of thousands of options to choose from, it can be intimidating. I am the safety net—I help people leap into new experiences without worry.

The next big thing in wine

Choice. Evolving consumption preferences, globalization, and the natural inquisitive nature of people has lead to an explosion of diversity in wine and beer. People are embracing the diversity and changing their habits. Instead of sticking to a short list of favourites, they are exploring their options through wine tasting events or WSET courses.

One thing I wish everyone knew about wine

The power of wine to enhance a meal is extraordinary. This has nothing to do with being a wine snob, but more to do with being wine smart. Many people these days have become “foodies” exploring the countless food options. Finding the right wine to enhance your food experience is the next step. Seeking out a sommelier for advice is a new experience for many people, but so worth the time. In 5 minutes I can show you a range of options for your tolerance of taste, selections that you can trust at whatever price you feel comfortable paying.