Kevin Schorath – Sommelier at Crowfoot Co-op Wine, Spirits and Beer

How I ended up in the best job in the world

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I am the Indiana Jones of sommeliers. I started with a degree in Archaeology and a plan to pursue a Master’s thesis focused on the ancient production of alcoholic beverages. Well, before I knew it I was working at Azuridge Estate Hotel discovering a sharp palate for far more current vintages. I started my Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET) education at Azuridge before completing the Level 4 Diploma in 2017 and going on to sommelier roles at Vin Room and Deane House.

My favourite thing about being a sommelier

Wine is produced the world over, and has been for centuries, meaning every bottle is a new journey through cuisine and culture. You can travel around world, and even through history, without ever leaving home. Sharing this sense of discovery with people who come into the store eager to explore the ever-evolving world of wine is my favourite thing about being a sommelier.

The next big thing in wine

The world. Today, you can easily get wine from more places in the world than ever before. Along with more options from well-known producers like Australia, France, Italy, Chile, Spain and the USA, there is a growing selection from many lesser-known but still excellent regions like Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The thirst for new and notable wines means excellent unknowns are available for those curious for fresh experiences. As a sommelier, it is my pleasure to share these treasures with you.

One thing I wish everyone knew about wine

In a word, simplicity. The thousands of options may seem daunting, but in truth wine is a very accessible pleasure. From understanding a foundation of relatively few varietals you can gain a solid knowledge base to explore the world. And with a Co-op sommelier, you can satisfy your curiosity with complete confidence.