Mike Roberts – Sommelier at Shawnessy Co-op Wine, Spirits and Beer


How I ended up in the best job in the world

Mike Roberts Bio 2019It all began at The Fairmont Lake Louise. I took a special course for restaurant staff where a sommelier showed us how to discern the nature of wine with only your nose. I was hooked. I began to study and explore, even started my own small collection of fine wine in staff quarters (very well hidden). Today I am a certified sommelier acting as a wine guide at Co-op Wine, Spirits and Beer, as well as teaching Wine & Spirit Education Trust programs.

My favourite thing about being a sommelier

Wine is an experience, and I love making that experience memorable. Helping people find the perfect wine for a meal, the ideal wine for any occasion, to make the meal or occasion extraordinary. As a sommelier, I dedicate myself to knowing the vast and complex world of wine intimately, and then I use that expertise to magnify your experience.

The next big thing in wine

So many things are happening all the time in wine! One thing I am excited about is how consumers are rediscovering heritage grape varieties and some other ‘outside the box’ wines beyond the usual Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Exploring these new varietal experiences broaden horizons and make people eager to try more.

One thing I wish everyone knew about wine

We have access to one of the best selections of wine on the planet right here in Alberta. Seriously. So I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Open yourself up to new experiences and explore the thousands of unique stories every wine can tell. When a sommelier at Co-op asks “Can I help you?” say “Yes!” and let us show you some of the outstanding options for every palate and price.

The world of wine is fascinating. As a sommelier, it thrills me to open your eyes to the vast opportunities, whether you are looking for the ideal wine under for $15, or assembling a collection of fine wines for your cellar.