How Vin Bin Works:

Choose a Co-op Wine Spirits Beer store where you want to pick up your wines each month. The Vin Bin program is available in our Beddington, Mount Pleasant, Crowfoot, Midtown, Oakridge and Shawnessy locations. We set aside a secured cabinet with your name on it right in the store.

Next, you’ll meet with one of our sommeliers where they’ll learn all about your tastes, preferences and needs. Once we know what you like, we carefully curate a selection of wines we think you’ll love.

You’ll set a budget for each month using a preauthorized credit card. (Minimum $150/month)

On your designated day each month you’ll arrive to unlock your cabinet and find an array of wines inside carefully tailored to your tastes, regional preferences and budget. You pick them up and go; it’s like unwrapping the best kind of present every single month!

Whether you want to try new regions, different grapes, or whether you just want a little variety in your life, the Co-op Wine Spirits Beer Vin Bin program can take the guesswork out of shopping for wine. Let your personal sommelier guide you with perfectly curated selections.

If there’s a liqueur you want to try, consider it done; we can add spirits to your monthly selection too.

There are all kinds of perks membership brings:

Personal Concierge Service

Our sommeliers can pick out special bottles for celebrations or create custom gift baskets.

Maybe you need a great bottle of wine for a hostess gift or a dinner party? We’ll pick out exactly what you need and leave it locked in your cabinet for you to pick up when you’re ready.

Wine Pairing Service

No time to research wines for a dinner party? Or maybe you just need something paired with a special meal.  Email your meal info to your personal sommelier, and they’ll have the perfect pairing ready and waiting for you.

Classes & Special Events

If you’d like to learn more about wine, we can help! As a Vin Bin member you’re eligible to attend special classes or tastings.

Travel Perks

If you’re travelling to a wine region anywhere in the world, your personal sommelier can help arrange an insider look at wineries. 

Co-op Wine Spirits Beer’s personal Vin Bin program is like having a personal shopper for your wine.

For more information, click below to contact one of our sommeliers.