Your membership means more

Membership has some great perks for you, but it also means you are joining a cooperative that takes care of your community. And the best part? Membership is just $1.

Reasons to join

With your Calgary Co-op membership you can:

1. support local

2. receive annual refunds and equity

3. give back to your community

4. take advantage of amazing services

5. join our Board of Directors (our members are our owners!)

6. gain access to exclusive offers and discounts

Become a member

Get your share of our profits

Get rewarded for your everyday purchases, every day! Use your membership number whenever you shop at Calgary Co-op Food and Pharmacies, Gas Stations, Wine Spirits Beer, Home Health Care and Cannabis locations to earn patronage and equity.

Patronage is a term in co-operative businesses to mean that when you spend with us, the profits go back to our members… you! Each year you’ll get a member refund cheque, based on your annual spending at Calgary Co-op* stores and how well we performed. You’ll also earn equity.

Shopping at Calgary Co-op earns you a member refund (our version of profit sharing) once a year. We mail you a cheque in early March, along with the voting ballot for the yearly board election.

Purchases that don’t count towards your total patronage: bus passes, tickets for events and activities, the purchase of gift cards (the person using it will earn towards their refund), lottery tickets and stamps. This list is subject to change.

*Please note: shopping at other co-operatives doesn’t contribute to your refund. Calgary Co-op stores are found in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, High River, Okotoks and Strathmore. Other co-operatives are operated separately and require their own membership to take part in this profit sharing benefit.

Equity is the term we use to describe the shares you’ve accumulated through your patronage earnings (the longer you’re with Calgary Co-op, the more equity you have).

All members start out with the $1 share they purchased to become a member. Every year, some of your year-end patronage may be returned in shares (and some will be cash aka the member refund).

Your full equity account can be paid out when you move or reach retirement age.

Business & Charity Plus Memberships

Businesses and non-profit organizations can take advantage of Calgary Co-op memberships too!

Business Memberships

Opening a business membership allows you to keep business expenses separate (and easier to track) for year end and taxation purposes.

The member refund (and any resulting T4A) is created for the membership, and therefore claimed by the business, not an individual.

Charity Plus program

We give back to those who give back. Calgary Co-op offers a 5% discount for registered charities on almost all purchases they make at Calgary Co-op.

How does the Charity Plus discount work?

Show your organization’s Charity Plus card at checkout at Calgary Co-op food stores and eligible items will automatically receive a 5% discount. You’ll see the total savings at the bottom of every grocery receipt.

What items qualify for the Charity Plus discount?

Most items in our food store are eligible for a discount. Please check with Customer Service for more details.

What organizations qualify for this program?

Your organization must have a charitable registration number with Canada Revenue Agency and have a Calgary Co-op membership to qualify.

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Enjoy Member Exclusive Benefits

Members receive discounted rates through our local partners and personalized offers each week.