This is the good stuff.

Gone are the days of confusion in the wine section. No more aimless scanning or choosing something seemingly at random because the label is cool or the price is low. Meet The Social Collection. It tastes great, it’s priced right, and personally, we think the label looks pretty cool. This is wine for the rest of us.

You can confidently serve The Social Collection to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, and wine snobs all at once. Everyone likes different things, and with The Social Collection wines, we left no stone unturned in pleasing every palette.

Each “bin” is specially selected by our sommeliers to represent what they love most in wine. It is made for casual sipping over great conversation with good company, paired with fine dining and comfort food, or shared at your next get-together.

This isn’t a wine that laughs at you for your slacks or scoffs at your handbag. This wine catches your eye from across the room, cordially introduces itself, and shakes your hand with just the right amount of firmness and warmth. Nothing clammy here.

We introduce new bins with each vintage and as we discover new vineyards, regions, blends, and expressions. So be social and check back regularly, because the only place you’ll see The Social Collection is on this site and in our stores.

The Social Collection Bin 101

Cabernet Sauvignon

California (13.5% abv)

Lifted, ripe blackberry and black cherry aromas with a currant bud undertone. It is framed by ripe, sweet cherry and concentrated with a vanillin oak underscore and dark roast coffee. This full-bodied red hangs out for a long, smooth finish and fits in perfectly at parties and with bold dishes, fuelling juicy gossip, or as a warm-up during cool weather.

The Social Collection Bin 102


California (13.5% abv) 

Dark cherry in colour with a medium depth, wafting out nice plum, chocolate, cherry, and wood aromas. One sip reveals a perfectly plummy, fleshy, and juicy wine with a delicate touch of vanilla. A smooth-sailing red with just the right amount of confidence and a little bravado. Goes great with a book, catching up with an old friend, a family reunion, or a sound pairing with pork, poultry, or soft cheese. 

The Social Collection Bin 103


California (13% abv)

It is broad and tropical on the nose with candied lemon and a hint of apple. Full-bodied and luscious, it features spicy apple pie, zesty lemon, pineapple, and tiny hints of banana. Sip away at this round and rich wine with a silky mouthfeel. A very approachable and easy-going Chardonnay. Not too crisp, not too dry, not too oaky or buttery: truly a “goldilocks” of white wines to be enjoyed anytime you feel the desire of a glass or two!

The Social Collection Bin 104

Valpolicella Ripasso

Italy (13.5% abv) 

A deep and pretty black cherry colour in your glass. Sweet and sour cherry and warm balsamic arise on the nose. Super silky and sultry, with great concentration and a light touch of sweet vanilla and mild oak influence. With a medium-long finish of cherry skin and juicy acidity, you’ll do well with this Italian red and Italian fare shared casually with those you love most. Juicy, concentrated, super smooth—your next favourite!

The Social Collection Bin 105


Italy (15% abv) 

Deep and dark in colour. Glass-staining and visibly viscous. A powerful and lifted nose of truffles, raisins, chocolate, and dark, sweet, overtly ripe cherry. The bouquet is intriguing, beguiling, and complex. A voluptuously thick, interestingly concentrated, long, balanced, and chewy red wine. The tannins are ripe and the wine is full of personality. It is a classy, classically-styled Amarone. Amazing with Raisin Glosettes and a long movie, perfect with cheeses and charcuterie, even better for a special occasion or gathering with rich foods and good company. 

Winner of the 2017 Alberta Beverage Award for Judges' Selection in Veneto Blends

The Social Collection Bin 106


Argentina (Mendoza) (14% abv)

Deep in colour and slightly staining with a satin sheen. The nose is a little austere with a floral component of violet, biscuit, and dark fruit. Ripe and pure, not jammy, but a heavy, luscious, and rich concentration. It is what we have come to love about Malbec: warm, dark fruit, a little mocha action, round, plump, and utterly gulpable with long, soft tannins and low acidity. This balanced yummy wine will do you well on any occasion, especially those of large gatherings. Best for BBQ, wild for weddings, and brash at birthdays. Go big or go home!

The Social Collection Bin 107

Pinot Blanc

B.C. (Okanagan) (13% abv)

A pretty lemon hue with a restrained nose of citrus, apple, and banana. An appeasing wine that is fruit-driven and dangerously easy to drink. Full of stone fruits, apples, banana, and memories of summer. With its clean, dry, and crisp texture, this white has a wonderfully rich mouthfeel and vivacity. Cordial, delightful, and engaging for any imbiber. This crowd-pleaser is great for large functions or social events with broad palate spectrums. Perfect with poultry, salads, and seafood too!

The Social Collection Bin 108

Pinot Rosé

B.C. (Okanagan) (12.9% abv)

It is the colour of freshly squeezed cherry juice. The nose, loaded with watermelon, cherry, and red apple skin is ripe, soft, and enticing in its aromas. A rich Rosé in colour and texture. Lovely sweet cherry pie filling dominates the medium-sweet palate that finishes dry and clean. A tiny hint of tannins or cherry skin astringency adds some mouthfeel and intrigue. A pretty finish lingers long on the palate. Crush this crushable Rosé under the sun, in the kitchen, at the dining room table, in your favourite chair, or even while cleaning the house! Seriously, is there an inappropriate time for Rosé?

The Social Collection Bin 109

White Gold

B.C. (Okanagan) (13.3% abv)

A unique blend of Pinot Blanc, Vidal, Siegfried, and Viognier. Pale in colour, it is fruit-driven on the nose, led by apple, pear, peach, and hints of exotic fruits. The palate leans dry although viscous, round, and fresh with a nearly full-bodied mouthfeel. Spicy pears, apples, lemon, and floral flavours excite and mingle. Not sweet and not tight and dry, this wine is eager to please nearly any palate. A favourable wine choice for any day that ends in “y". Fresh, fervent, and always ready to go. Pairs well with fusion dishes, seafood, salads, and potluck dinners.

The Social Collection Bin 110


California (12.8% abv)

This medium-bodied red is round, fleshy, generous and easy-going. Its beaming hue of electric plum glimmers in your glass. In typical Merlot fashion, it exudes warm vanilla, mocha and plum on the nose, spilling into a plump, textured wine with loads of red cherry and plum flavours. Riding a ripe concentration of red fruits, this is great for pork dishes, firm cheeses and family-style Italian dinners.

The Social Collection Bin 111

Cabernet Sauvignon

California (12.7% abv)

An animated ruby hue nicely compliments the comforts of home, together with youthful, vibrant whiffs of candy, currants and spring flowers. This ripe Cabernet Sauvignon is understated, fresh and fruit-driven.  6 months in oak acts as a crack of salt and pepper seasoning, soothing a layer of dark cherry peels. This kinetic red is perfect after a listless mid-week commute home, or a perfect companion to grilled foods, casual meals and large gatherings.

The Social Collection Bin 112


California (12.8% abv)

An appealing light straw hue glimmers in the glass. The nose is rich with candy apple, soft ripe pineapple and tropical fruit that oozes slowly and broadly over the rim of your glass. This is a clean, fresh and vibrant style of Chardonnay. An extremely understated oak influence makes for a crisp, straightforward wine, perfect when served ice cold and paired with casual fare, green salad with vinaigrette or with good company.