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Home bartender essentials meets connoisseur-approved vintages. All the basics and then some. Gin, whisky, vodka, rum, tequila plus a selection of locally-distilled spirits.

World of Whisky

Learn more about the wonderful world of whisky through our Inside the Cask page or in-store at the aptly named World of Whisky, carrying over 1,100 different bottles and with experts waiting to help you find the perfect dram.


Maybe you’ve been to a wine tasting before, but how about a whisky tasting? We have sommelier-led spirit tasting events at Calgary Co-op Wine Spirits Beer.

Exclusive Co-op Spirits

Enjoy top-shelf quality without the top-shelf price. Try our exclusive line of spirits today.

Founders & Farmers Vodka


Made in western Canada, this premium 1.14L bottle provides a crisp, clean, and a touch of boldness taste.

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Co-op Premium 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Rich toffee sweetness on the nose, with creamy vanilla and top notes of green apples. The taste is bursting with honey and ground spices, notes of custard and dried tobacco leaf, with toasted oak on the finish.

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Co-op Spiced Rum


This premium rum comes straight from the islands of Barbados, where abundant sunshine and high humidity makes sugar cane especially easy to grow. Made of pure sugar and molasses, this rum is infused with exotic spices to give a subtle taste of cinnamon and chocolate.

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Co-op White Rum


Also from Barbados, our white rum features all the same quality ingredients and craft of our spiced rum—without the spices. While our spiced rum is aged in oak, this is fermented in steel and filtered, making it ideal for mixing in cocktails.

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Co-op Rye Whisky

Special blend

A rich whisky you’ll swear is a lot more expensive than it is. It pours golden straw and is perfectly balanced with oak, citrus, and ginger notes underscoring the rye grain. Its extra aging rounds the flavour into a clean, dry finish.

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Co-op Vodka

5X Distilled

You won’t be able to tell the difference from super expensive premium varieties. That’s because we start with two-row malt from Alberta and Saskatchewan, then add pure water from 1,200 feet below ground. It’s then distilled five times in a pot-still vessel like the kind they use for fancy scotch and cognac.

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Irish-style cream liquor

Made with the finest Wisconsin dairy cream and Irish whisky blended with chocolate, caramel, and other natural flavours to create a creamy and scrumptious alternative. Enjoy it in coffee, on the rocks or in a dessert cocktail. Sláinte!

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Co-op Artisanal Gin

Get your tonic ready, because this new-age gin is distilled in small batches and slowly steeped with juniper, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander, licorice and a few secret ingredients in order of density. This lets the essential oils and flavours shine, giving it the kind of flavour people overpay at bars to experience—but at an excellent price. Think distinct citrus-forward notes with a floral aroma and a refreshing burst of pine and mild spice.

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Co-op Irish Whiskey


This whiskey has unique smoothness and character. It’s gently matured in oak casks and skillfully blended right on the Emerald Isle, giving it a pear and creamy vanilla note off the top followed by a deep nutmeg and malty finish. Since you’ll save so much when you buy it, you may as well splurge on fancy ginger ale—it makes a great mix.

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Co-op Bourbon Whiskey


The proud traditions of America’s original spirit live on north of the border in every one of these bottles. Distilled in Kentucky, its corn mash bill delivers deep, rich flavour with spicy notes of honey, citrus peel, malt, butterscotch and vanilla with fruit and toasted oak on the back end.

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