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Founders & Farmers Beer

Your Co-op classics have a new look. Co-op beers has changed its name to Founders & Farmers. But don’t worry, they’re still the great locally brewed beers you love. Now available in 6 or 15 can packs, only at Calgary Co-op Wine Spirits Beer.

Founders & Farmers Pilsner

ABV: 5.0%

Colour: Light golden

Key ingredients: English Golding, Galena and Czech Saaz hops; 2-row pale, Vienna, and Munich malt

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Czech pilsner is one of the most-loved beers around the world, and we’ll hedge a bet that ours is pretty darn near the top of the pile. A smooth mouthfeel and medium carbonation makes this a versatile and refreshing pilsner.

Balanced by a sweet malt, its subtle hop bitterness carries a floral and earthy aroma on the nose and is a fine brew enjoyed on its own to quench a thirst and even better with light meal snacks such as tacos or bruschetta with herbs and spices in the dishes providing a wonderful balance of flavor.

Founders & Farmers Light Lager

ABV: 4%

Colour: Pale golden yellow

Key ingredients: 100% Alberta-grown malted barley; Nugget and Willamette hops

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Once reserved for people on a diet and Americans, light beer is experiencing a renaissance and craft offerings are becoming more popular. Light on calories but big on taste, Founders & Farmers Light Lager is true to its name: a lighter version of our well-loved Lager. Clean, crisp, and perfectly carbonated—this is no ordinary light beer.

The Founders & Farmers Light Lager can be enjoyed with any meal, a favourite of mine is a juicy beef burger and fries, the crisp acidity notes in the beer cut through the oils in the food.

Founders & Farmers Lager

ABV: 5%

Colour: Pale golden yellow

Key ingredients: 100% Alberta-grown malted barley; Nugget and Willamette hops

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While the beer drinking elite have only more recently started to warm up to lagers, we’ve been brewing a premium craft lager for some time now. Founders & Farmers Lager is clean and crisp, with sweet malt and a hint of bitter hops. It is light-bodied, with medium carbonation and all the great taste you’d expect from a quality lager.

A very enjoyable and crushable beer after a hard day’s work, it is also superb with a chili con carne or a large plate of poutine adding a new dimension of flavor to each bite.

Founders & Farmers IPA

ABV: 4.9%

Colour: Golden amber

Key ingredients: Pale and caramel malts; cascade hops

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This approachable IPA is bursting with flavour. It has all the same malt and citrusy hop notes as Pacific Northwest IPA, but is a bit lighter, featuring medium mouthfeel and carbonation with subtle bite. It’s quaffable, easy-drinking and made with beer lovers in mind.

This IPA is awesome with a large plate of chicken wings of varying spice and flavor levels, the hop acidity helps highlight spice flavours and the carbonation cuts through the oiliness of the wings. For those who like sweet treats with beer, a carrot cake is a wonderful accompaniment.


Founders & Farmers Red Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Colour: Deep amber with flashes of copper

Key ingredients: Two varieties of hops; pale and caramel malts

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If IPA had a cousin who went to art school and spent a year abroad, it would be our Red Ale. Red Ale is gaining traction in the world of craft beer, and for good reason. This medium-bodied ale features a fusion of pale and sweet caramel malts with a medium, creamy carbonation and mild hop bitterness. Red Ales are in our Dark & Malty category.

Our Founders & Farmers Red Ale is superb pairing with meat pies, shepherd pies and stews. Often these dishes call for a more malt like beer as part of the recipe and when having a red ale as part of such a meal, the matching flavours in both food and beer make music on the palate.


Andrew Paulsen

Certified Cicerone®

Want to try something new or pick up something for a friend? Our in-store Certified Cicerone® (aka certified beer expert) is here to help! Visit Andrew at our Oakridge Tasting Centre.

Calgary’s craft beer profiles

In the glass, a good balance of malt and hop flavours such as lightly toasted bread, cereal, citrus and apple with light hints of sweet spices. Superb after energy expending activities on their own, or a favourite with finger foods such as meat & cheese platters, chicken wings, pulled pork sliders, pizzas and juicy hamburgers.

The hazy New England IPAs can have a more rounded fruit salad flavour from the hop additions along with a balanced toasted cereal notes from the malt. In comparison the hoppy west coast IPAs have more noted crisp citrus, pine and grapefruit flavours. Both beer styles are superb with fish & chips, lobster, shellfish and the batter and butter sauces that accompany the chosen seafood.

Don’t be afraid of the dark: stouts, porters and brown ales brim with toasty malt flavours such as roasted nuts, campfire toast, coffee, dark chocolate and caramel. Often used as part of the recipe when making stews, meat sauces, chilis and braised meats – try along with what you have cooked here or with tourtière or a shepherds’ pie dish.

Often balanced with the sweetness of fruit additions, sour beers with their lactic traits are very refreshing on their own and a great palate cleanser during the course of a meal. Beer and cheese is a great food pairing and sour beers are amazing with a wide range of blue cheeses and goat cheeses. Sours also pair perfectly with full flavoured main courses such as sweet & sour pork preps, seared duck breast or beef fajitas.