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October 1, 2023

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Layer Cake Creamy Chardonnay – USA

Chardonnay and California go together like peas and carrots. There is a lot of sassy fruit in this bottle such as pear, honeycrisp apple, guava and other tropical fruits. The creamy part comes from the notes of crème brûlée, vanilla cream, toasted butterscotch and yummy-buttery pie crust.

Pair this wine with fresh salads and a vinaigrette dressing, creamy chicken alfredo and hearty fish dishes.

Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Fumé Blanc – USA

This is a seriously good Sauvignon from the famed Napa Valley – what a treat. This has intense flavours of tangerine, peach and mango, along with lovely hints of ginger and green tea. This is a complex Sauvignon Blanc that can please both those new to wine or the most savvy wine lover.

Pair this wine with grilled vegetables, halibut and tuna.

Ramification Quandry Pinot Gris – Canada

A Pinot Gris from the Okanagan showing a range of citrus fruit, pear and melon flavours coupled with a brisk acidity.

Superb on its own or pair with a light salad and seafood preparations.

Villa Maria Blush Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand

This dry Rosé is a delightful blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. With bright flavours of raspberries, pink grapefruit, lime and fresh herbs, this pink refresher is perfect as an aperitif or with your favourite appetizers.

Pair this wine with soft cheese, charcuterie and salads.

Lindemans Bin 85 Pinot Gris – Australia

A Pinot Gris from Australia showing a range of citrus fruit, pear and melon and tropical fruit flavours coupled with a brisk acidity on the palate.

Superb on its own or a great add on to light salads and seafood preparations.

Selaks Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand

A lovely Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand packed with tropical-fruit flavours, pineapple, passionfruit and citrus notes.

Enjoy this wine with fried calamari or beer-battered fish and chips.