Date published

March 13, 2024

Any wine lover knows that, like food, wine tastes change with the season. As we head for warmer weather and lighter, brighter days, our wine preferences are also lightening up.

In spring, we see big and rich styles of reds and full-bodied whites give way to lighter, fresher wines perfect for sipping on the patio—as well as pairing with lighter styles of foods.

With a dusky hue not unlike an early summer sunset, Rosé wines lead the pack in popularity. Rosé’s are available in style from dry to sweet and even sparkling. They are made from a wide variety of red grapes, perfect for both red and whiter drinkers, as well as for food pairings.

Mission Hill Reserve Rosé is a great sipping wine this season, but what if you’re looking to pair wines with popular Easter meals? Calgary Co-op Wine Spirits Beer has some excellent picks for many different foods—and even dessert!

Wine Pairing with Ham: Willm Pinot Noir Rosé
The red fruit character of this Pinot Noir Rosé will add the perfect balance to the salty characteristics of the ham.


Wine Pairing with Seafood (lobster claws): Spier Chenin Blanc
If you like refreshing crisp wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, give Chenin Blanc a try.  Spier Chenin Blanc has a lively acidity with fresh flavours of guava, pear and apple that makes it a versatile crowd-pleaser and is a great pairing with seafood.

Wine Pairing with Roast Turkey: Bread and Butter Pinot Noir
A light red wine with higher levels of acidity such as this Pinot Noir from California is not only the perfect compliment to the turkey but works well with cranberry sauce.

Wine Pairing with Roast Beef: Muga Reserva Temperanillo
A medium-bodied wine such as a Spanish Tempranillo can stand up to the strength and bold richness of a roast beef. With notes of roasted coffee beans, and ripe fruit it’s the ideal complement, and it’s wonderful with pan gravy.

Wine Parings with Vegetarian Dishes: Sea Sun Chardonnay
Roasting up a head of cauliflower as a delicious vegetarian option? We recommend a Chardonnay.

Roasted cauliflower acts as a neutral base to spices. With a texture and flavor that mimics rice and potatoes, or something more meaty and earthy like a grilled Portobello mushroom steak, our choice is Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico. A medium-bodied wine such as Sangiovese from Italy offers a savory character with red fruit that works well with the grilled flavors that are imparted on a Portobello mushroom.

Wine Pairings with Dessert
We can’t forget the best part—dessert! Wondering what to pour with the sweet stuff? With something like a lemon trifle, our pick is Chateau des Charmes Vidal Icewine.

This luscious wine will not only work as a compliment to the lemon trifle, but as an addition to the ingredients. The sweet, lemon character in an ice wine is a tasty addition to any citrus-based desert.

If you’re going full Easter bunny and opting for carrot cake, try Taylor Fladgate 20-Year Old Tawny Port. A 20-year Port has the sweetness to work with the icing, and nutty elements to enhance the nuts and spice found in carrot cake.

Enjoying more of a spring berry-fresh dessert like a berry cheesecake? Try Riunite Lambrusco. The bright red fruit in this Lambrusco work well with the berries, while the bubbles cut through the richness of the cheesecake.

No matter what you’re serving, or the size of your gathering, there’s always great wines to pair with the food. Stop into your nearest Calgary Co-op Wine Spirits Beer store for ideas and expert recommendations from our in-store Sommeliers.