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August 1, 2023

This month, we could not be happier to be working with one of our favourite local distilleries to bring you something exciting! We love artisanally-made Brandy here at Calgary Coop, and our friends at Bridgeland Distillery here in Calgary have made us a single cask of something truly delicious. 

The Bridgeland Moscato Brandy Port Finish Co-op Single Cask is an innovative expression with a port-style cask finish making this an incredibly complex brandy. Aromas of vanilla bean, Kettle Valley peach pie, buttercup flowers, toasted coconut, and double cream custard. Sweet apricot and butterscotch on the tip of the tongue, dark chocolate and raisins mid palate with cinnamon bark, dried apricots, and plums on the finishing. This Brandy originates from Moscato Canelli grapes. This single cask has been aged 40 months in a virgin French toasted Limousin oak barrel and finished in a Courja cask from Burrowing Owl Winery. The name Coruja is Portuguese for “Owl” and pays homage to the birthplace of Port Wine. 

Only limited quantities were produced, so grab a bottle quickly before it disappears! Cheers. 

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Whisky Tip

Are you a whiskey lover that also enjoys cooking? Try deglazing your pans with whiskey instead of water, stock, or wine. For richer sauces, the whiskey will add a bold punch of complex flavour that will make your secret recipe really stand out from the crowd!

Whisky Fact

For those lovers of hot sauce, did you know that the famous Tabasco is aged for three years in ex- Bourbon casks? The American white oak casks are used an average of 15-20 times over 35-to-40 years for hot sauce production. The brand has been using oak barrels as a part of their production for over 120 years!

Recommended by Crowfoot Sommelier,
Kevin Schorath

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