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June 15, 2023

We cannot think of a better whisky to help us celebrate this July 1st. Established in 1992, Forty Creek has helped reignite interest in small-batch, artisanal Canadian whisky. With a mash bill that includes rye, corn, and barley, the Confederation Oak Reserve was created to commemorate Canada’s 1867 Confederation. The whisky is aged in new Canadian white oak barrels and has explosive flavours of date, raisin, maple, and vanilla. Spicy and creamy, this Canadian small-batch whisky is an incredible value.

Whisky Tip

You may have heard of the term “dram” before, referencing a serving of whisky. But what exactly is a dram? The term originates from Scotland, and at your local Scottish pub, asking for a dram of whisky will get you a serving of roughly one-and-a-quarter ounces. However, in the United States, their Customary System defines a dram as an eighth of an ounce. Your tip of the month: if you want to order a dram of whisky, make sure you don’t do it in the US. Cheers!

Whisky Fact

Did you know that Frank Sinatra – a well-known whisky fanatic – was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s?!

Recommended by: Midtown Sommelier, Eric Southward

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